Do you remember rock and roll radio?

If you grew up in Fresno, it was probably KKDJ



Though it took months to fully launch the “THE NEXT GENERATION” of KKDJ FM 99.7 we’re now ready and must say the two and three hundred phone calls and emails that come in daily happy of our return and searching for more information on our “will be line up” well it’s here !

On Friday April 20, 2018 KKDJ FM 99.7 will launch it all off at 6:00 am with John Lee Walkers Breakfast Club host all the DJ’s and Staff for a long awaited launch party.

Be sure to tune in and enjoy what will be the nuttiest and wackiest ever breakfast club, hear the great music you grew up with on KKDJ back in the 80’s because it’s all back and it’s right here on KKDJ FM 99.7 Fresno.

live tentNow KKDJ “THE NEXT GENERATION” has grown up in the scene that we are professional broadcasters not only offering the very best in Classic Rock N Roll, but the best in commercial Radio Spots that have that WOW grab your attention Factor, all with the lowest advertising pricing in the industry, oh and let’s not forget about our “LIVE” on location broadcasting, Yes we are able to come out to your location and Broadcast Live as we promote your business, now be careful for what you wish for because “LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST” can and will bring in a abundance of traffic to your business.

When we say Live, we mean it ! with our advance ability and technology we actually link up to the FM Air Waves right from your location which in turn allows the radio personality to talk your business up right from that location.



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One of Fresno’s favorite radio stations, KKDJ, is broadcasting once again

KKDJ is back on the air after a 30-year absence.

The FM station that once ruled the Fresno airwaves with its mix of rock ’n’ roll and ground-breaking disc jockeys started rebroadcasting this week.

You can find KKDJ on two FM frequencies, 99.7 and 94.7. Staying true to its roots, the station is playing rock along with blues and soul. For now, it will feature a mix of syndicated shows, including Nights with Alice Cooper, along with local on-air talent.

The station’s new owner Chris White relaunched the station after talking with friend and mentor Gary Cocola of Cocola Broadcasting. Both were huge fans of the station.

Cocola acquired the KKDJ call letters after the station closed in the mid-1980s and used them for a television station in Santa Maria. With his many years of experience in radio and retail, White was confident Fresno listeners would welcome back the once top-rated station.

A well-attended KKDJ reunion last month convinced him he did the right thing.

On Tuesday, the first day it began rebroadcasting, the station received 378 phone calls.

“The reaction has been very positive,” White said. “People are really excited about KKDJ coming back on the air.”

Check out KKDJ’s website,, for its complete lineup. The station phone number is 559-851-5535.